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Baidu PC Faster Review Free Utlities Software for Windows

Baidu PC Faster Review Free Utlities Software for Windows, You must be know one of free Utlities software for windows . Baidu PC Faster is so good and so amazing for me .When i using this sotware on my Laptop , it's so improves my PC Speed and make me more quickly for finish my job . before , I was called this Software is fucking Ad-ware and make me so confusing . It always installed automatically when i suft on internet and the software is so fucking too , But now i can say and i will always say this software is good and very recommended for you .

I have installed this software on my PC , and works well on newest windows version that is windows 10 . It's so small and not slowly your Computer , like that name Baidu PC Faster , This software lets you to improve your PC speed more than before , you will get many APPS on this software package and all of them is so usefull for improves your PC Speed . You can also do some tweak using this software like disable your Startup program , Game Booster and more again

OK i will surveys this program just little part of this software 

You can Go to That Site
Baidu PC Faster

The Interface

For Interface on this software , i can say it's really good and all object are located perfectly . with simple interface like it will make user more faster to know what must they do on this software . On first when we open this software , it will show you big button Scan now , and you can  know what must you do to it , It separated for 4 Groups that is Quick Check , Cleaner , SpeedUp , Virus Scan .
where is another Tools of this program ? You can see on right side of this software "Plus Sign" , they are inside it and ordered perfect . oh one more you can change skin of this Baidu PC faster by click "Clothes Sign" on top Right 

What Program that i Can use in this Baidu PC Faster ?

For answer that questions you will get many of features on this Baidu PC Faster , it's Amazing Utlities tools with many of features that you can get , you not only fast your PC Speed , you can also fast your Boot Speed , Game Speed , and Deleted all of Junk Files , i thinks like This listed :

  • Quick Check 
  • Cleaner
  • SpeedUp
  • VirusScan
  • Wifi Hotspot 
  • Game Faster (Game Booster)
  • FasterNow
  • Large Files Finder
  • Disk Defrag 
  • Internet Speed Test
  • System Repair
  • File Shredder
  • Power Master
  • Win Update
  • Baidu Browser (Download )
  • Software Uninstaller
  • etc.

Another Best Features For Me ?

For Another Features from Baidu i really like is Internet Speed Monitor + Full Speed mode . I Always see that my Internet speed on this features , it's small and very usefull . You can check on picture below , It's so usefull for me  and also for Full Speed to , it lets the system do FasterNow every needed and make us easier and not always push FasterNow to get Speed from our Computer System .  i Can change to my favorite Skin and it's cool

Is It Totally Free to Use ?

Yes is totally free and you can go directly to it site and download it , you will get this software like i say , you will get this software without any annoying ads , virus and totally free with best Features as good as paid utlities software . 


As Utlities software , baidu is looking perfect with many features that it give to us and also it 100% free to use without any Ads , but in this software you can find for backup a file , change icon , Undelete , when you Defrag a drive using this program , you can set shutdown when defrag is done . On Wifi hotspot , i can't shared my internet connection to another my gadget . Maybe something wrong on my settings or my Wireless driver card but for me this software is best for windows 10 and for me too . really suitable :D 

Baidu PC Faster Review Free Utlities Software for Windows Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Lemau Game


  1. Wow, a free tool with a thousand benefits. What a great tool it is?