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List of Important Software Before Install or Upgrade Windows

List of Important Software Before Install or Upgrade Windows

If you want to install or upgrade your windows , what must you know before you do that ? yes , you must know what is important software that must be installed later , and make you can prepare it before you want to install it . it make you easy and not confused later . i always prepare them before i install my Computer , it's very important for offline installer and we don't have internet connection like me . in this tutorial you can see many software list but this just i was installed in my laptop and also for my work , you can add more software that you need to do your work .

Laptop's or PC's Driver 

this is very very important things , i put it in first place because with that driver you can do more in your system , your system will be so Slow and make us work Slowly too for install another software . you must prepare your Driver before install the new OS in your PC and also you must check your Driver compatible with that OS , Very important drivers is : Display Driver , Sound Driver , USB 3.0 Driver , Chipset , Wireless Driver and more . You can download it in their Brand Site . or you can use a software for Install Driver automatically and in simple ways . you can use this software list below :

  • DriverPack Solution 
  • DPNet
  • Driver Mini
  • And More  

Anti Virus Program 

In Second Place , you must install this software before install another software . Because this software is very usefull for block Unwanted software which inside them thera are some Virus like Adware ,Spyware and many more . we don't want our new System is Contaminated with that Bad Virus . You can use Many of Free Anti Virus From internet some of list below :

  • Avast Antivirus
  • Kaspersky
  • AVG
  • BitDefender
  • Avira
  • Panda
  • And Many More .

Unzip or UnRar Software

yeah this software is so important , how can you open your RAR or ZIP file without this software ? you can't and make you confused with that . your Another Program inside RAR file or ZIP file , you can't do anything if you not have this software . you can use many of free software for do that some of list you can check my Article : 4 Best Free Unzip Software for Windows

Office Software + PDF Reader

this is another important in fourth Place for me , you can do your works without this software , that is for Typyng your Article in word processing software  , Spreadsheet and many more again . you can use free Office software like : LibreOffice Best Free Office Software Support All Platform  , or you can try Microsoft Office but you must pay it for the Key . for PDF reader you can use many of free software and available in internet for you . you can Check my Best list in List Best 8 Free PDF Reader Software for Windows .

More Important Software : 

Audio Player 

Audio Player is let you to listen a Music easily , with many features that you can easy to manage your Playlist and play it . you can use many of free audio Player For windows , You can Read on my article : Best 3 Free Audio Player For Windows

Video Player

Yes Video Player is more important to for me , i can't watching my favorite Anime without this software , you can download many free of Video Player in internet , i was create an article about that you can read more Video Player List in Best 8 Free Video Player Software

Browser Software :

this is very important too , because i so hate with IE and if i open that software , IE alwasy crash and make me so angry with that . i always install another Browser for solve that problem . you can read more of Browser in : List 8 Best Browser Software for Windows

I things that all important software for me before i install or Upgrade my Windows , i always prepare them and it make me Easy to manage what must i Install later . you can add your Important software too in this list , this is my reference to make you easy like i do in my works . you can add more supported software , like Downloader software , DVD software , and more . I hope this article Usefull for you :D

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