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List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows cover

have problem with your game , and you have lag when you play them , let's check List of best Free Game Booster for windows . All of these software let you to boost your system and get best performance for play your game . This software is totally free and you can download it from your PC Computer without any annoying Ads , Scam and more . Theses Game Booster offer you many Features and tools which can used for boost your system like Hard Drive Defrag , Automatically close unnecesary Aplplications ,Services or processes . Add or create various of Profiles , Switch to Game mode and many more , get play games smoothly on your Windows system .

Razer Game Booster

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows razer game booster

Razer Game Booster is free Game Booster software for windows , this software is available in Free Version . you can use this software to improves the Game Performance and let you play it SMoothly in your PC . you will get to options that is do manually or automatically Boost the game by closing the unnecessary applications , Close unnecessary Process and many more again . Razer Game Booster also has various tools like Boost Tool , Drivers Tool , Defrag Tool and Tweak tool for boost your System . you can take Screenshots or Video recording using this tools and share it to your Friends . to use this best tool you must have to create a account and login to this software , don't worry you will get free account registration and use this software free . Razer Game Booster is already support to windows 7 , windows 8 and windows 10 .

Baidu Pc Faster

Baidu PC faster List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows

Actually Baidu Pc faster is all in one Utlities software for your Windows , this software is best for me and also you can use this software as Game Booster software . why i choose this because it has tools for make our Computer system more faster like that name . Baidu PC faster have many tools that can improve pc performance , like drive defrag , system faster and more . and also this software have Game Booster tools , which can make your Game run well and going smoothly in PC . that tools called Game Faster , we can manually boost our system or we can do automatically Boost or Speedup using this software , you just add your game and optimize it . get your Game More Smoothly using this software , you can also do advanced setting . Baidu Pc Faster is totally free and you can use it in windows 7 , windows 8 even in windows 10 .

Toolwiz Game Boost

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows Toolwiz Game Boost

Toolwiz Game Boost is another software that can help us to boost our Game . it can improves our PC performance while we play a Game . it shutting down various unnecessary proceses and services which make our system more Faster than Before . you can check available Boxes which will be your choose to improve your PC Speed then you can click Enter GameBoost Mode and play your Game More faster and more Smoothly than before . this software is totally free and support our windows version like windows 10 and more .

Wise Game Booster

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster , is free game Booster Software for windows , it can boost our PC when we play game . you can do many optimizer in this software like Optimize your Game : You can add your Game and play it with Wise Optimizer , you can do System Optimizer it let you to Optimize your System which will make system get best performance , you can also do Process Optimizer and Service Optimizer which can help you too shutdown Unnecessary Process and Service Program . this software is free to and you just install it and use it for free .

Mz Game Accelerator

mz game accelerator List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows

Mz Game Accelerator is a free Game Booster for windows with simple interface which make us more easier to use this software . you can do optimize using this software , it has various options to apply you PC Boost like temporary stop unused windows servies , Smart Optimizer (clean+Defrag) Ram , Assign More CPU Power and Reduce Processor Usage . if you wnat to boost your PC you just click on Switch to Game Accelerator Mode and start play your game .


List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows game fire

GameFire , you can use this free software as Game Booster Software . it can improve your Game Performance while you play it . You can have many featrues in this softwarre like game defrag , aplication manager and many more again , if you want to run this software just click to switch to Gaming Mode and play your Game Smoothly than Before . :D

AnalogX CacheBooster

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows cachebooster

cacheBooster , actually this software is free tweaking software . it let you to configure your cache settings of your computer . you can use this software as a game booster and apply this setting for playing your game . after configure your setting it require to restart your computer and you can compare your game is that Optimize or not .

iGame Booster

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows igamebooster

iGame Booster is another best software that you can use for Boost your Game , you can use iGame Booster as Boosting Utility in your Windows because this software has many various tools which make us easy to Improve our PC Speed . you can do Manually or Automatically Optimize and also you can close unnecessary Program , Service and threads , your game will automatically added in this software but you can also add it manual from your Directory and get more smootly game using iGame .

Actual Booster

List of Best 9 Free Game Booster for windows actual Booster

Actual booster is small software , you can use this software for boost your PC performance , it Allocates CPU power to Currectly active game or application . this software is so simple and easy to use . you can select your Process Priority to improve PC speed and this software is totally free for your windows.

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  3. Many people used baidu to boost their PC!! But, some people think that lot of external app. inside this baidu booster. Is that right, or just an issue?

    1. it's right bro , baidu has many tools for system speed optimizer , i used that software in my windows :D and i always run it and get my system more faster . i really recommend that software ..... baidu is not Adware or scam again :D

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