Monday, October 5, 2015

List of Best 5 Free CDR Viewer Software for windows

If You want to View CDR file without have must Install Corel Draw , you can use these software and you must read List of Best 5 Free CDR Viewer Software for windows . CDR is File Format create using Corel Draw , which is Vector image . Actually , for view CDR file there is no Specific Software that for view that file , but we can use another software whihc support that file , like another Vector Creator , Viewer and many more . All of these software is totally free and you can download it from your PC Computer .so let's Check it out now.


Actually Inkscape is Free Vector Creator software , but we can use this software for view CDR file . this software is freeware and using this software you can also Edit them .you can use many tools in this software like Pen , Object add effect and many more to your CDR file . you can also convert your CDR file to many images format like PNG ,PDF , SVG, and more again .


Imagine is free Image Viewing software , you can use this software too for view your CDR file quickly because this software is very small . This software many format of Images file and you can also convert your CDR file into any another Image file like PNG ,JPG , GIF ,BMP etc.


SView is another viewer software for windows , you can use this software to open your CDR file in thumbnail Quality . It also have another tools for edit your Image , like Resize, Crop ,Flip,mirror and many more . you can Convert your CDR file into many Format like PNG,JPG,SVG etc.


irfanView is free image Viewer for windows with support many Images format even you can view your CDR file using this software . this software is small and easy to use and also available in portable version which make you more easier to run it in removable Disk like your Pen Drive . you can Also view many of images file like JPG,PNG,GIF,BMP,PDF etc.


Libreoffice Is Office Software , but this software can be used for view CDR file and you will get Very Good Image Quality . it Doesn't like Thumbnail view in Sview and Imagine , you can also Export your CDR file into many format like PDF,SVG,JPG,PNG and more . Using this best software and Make your Work more easier .Libreoffice is support to WIndiows 7 , Windows 8 and windows 10

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