Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Submit and Claim Blog / Website on Alexa 2015

Alexa Is on of Popular Website which give you information about Site/Blog ranking and traffic, this site will give you information about Site Ranking which order by High to low,many of blogger us this website tools for looking their website's rank in alexa . you can also check your backlink number using this website tools. Many of people ask How Can i Submit and Claim my Website on Alexa ? How can i Submit My Blog on alexa ? .It's So simple and just more steps to do that ! if you have problem do this step you can using another Browser , read List 8 Best Browser Software for Windows

Why Choose Alexa ? 

Because Alexa do give you an accurate assessment rangking for you site . This things Based on Alexa was build with real and appropriate information concept. that's why Alexa get many user from blogger . also Alexa have many features that we can get if we like to Upgrade our Account and want more tools for our Website or Blog.

How Can I Submit and Claim My Website on Alexa ? 

Before you Submit and Claim you must Login to alexa, you can sign up before to Alexa or using your facebook account to login in this site , it's free and doesn't pay anymore. If you already have an account let's Login to this website:
  • we must go to Alexa site , you can type on your address bar or click here
  • Then if you already have an account or Facebook account let's go to Sign In, it located on top Right side or Click here 
  • In this login menu, i choose login with a Facebook account because it's easy to do .
  • Then you already Login to this site 

How To Submit Blog / Website on Alexa?

After Login to this site , we can do another thing that is to submit our Blog/Website to alexa , it's just do simple way and little step to Submit them . you can check my step now :

  • First we must go Alexa's Claim Site Page , you can add in your Address bar or Click this Link
  • Then fill your Blog's URL in input Form like below Picture , Then Click Continue  :

  • Then your Site is Already Submited But not Claimed before .

How To Claim Blog / Website on Alexa?

After sumbit your blog , you must do another step to claim your site . You can't never get your site's ranking if you not claim your site . You will get nothing if you not do this . You can claim your site in 2 Method Only + 1(Upgraded Only) , Because i using Blogger on this tutorial i suggest you to choose method 2 which we will add Alexa Meta on our Site Template it's easy .
  • First , Choose Method 2 and copy all of your Code

  • Then Go to and go to your Site Template > Edit HTML
  • Paste your Code after <head> or Before </head> like my picture Below and Save your template

  • Back to Alexa and Click Verify My ID button and wait for a minute
  • If you do the Steps Well , your website / Blog will claimed , you will know by see after Verify My ID like this Picture 

After that step your Site is already Submited and Claimed on Alexa , you will get your site's Ranking in Couple Weeks even Couple Days only , just wait and keep your Fresh article . 

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  1. I'd been looking for this tutorial a few days ago. That is because the design of alexa site had been change and it makes me a bit confused. Thanks, it a lot helpful for me.

  2. I looking good tutorial.. because with alexa, we can controll rank my blog (y)