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How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software

How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software

Android Is most Popular Used Operating System on Mobile Device ,Free Software List Every people use that OS because this OS is very awesome with many Apps for improve our works , our Daily life and more . Based on it , There are over Million Apps and Game that can we use on our Android Phone , We can download it from our Mobile Phone on Google PlayStore . But wait , Are your Mobile can use all of that Apps or Games? The Answer is no , because our Device Storage is too small and can't contain all of them , We need some Free Storage for save them and also all of that software must dowloaded and installed on Internet connection , if we don't have that connection we can't download and install it .

Have think that is inconvenience ? i thinks yes , many reason for me on it : First , i not always have internet Connection , just sometimes at Midnight until Morning , it's make me little difficult if i want download it at day , I have small storage , like i say before. For Solve that Problem , you must know that we can downlaod Apps or Games from Google Playstore on our Computer Directly . How Can We Download It? it's so simple and you can download all of free Apps and Games from Google Playstore . We will using a Website for download Apps from Google Playstore .

Is it need Device ID?

The Answer is no , we can download APK file from this site without it . You can downlaod as many as you can and keep save in your PC Drive . It's simple , if you want to use them on your Mobile Phone just copy them into your Mobile then Install it . and we doesn't using Emulator Software like Bluestack or other emulator for download it . it's directly to Our PC .

What You Need To Download Android APK on PC?

You must need this software on your windows System , on another OS 
If you already have all file let's start The Tutorial :

#First Step , Search Apps On Google Playstore

On this step , we will must search a App on Google Playstore , what will we want to download later and Copy their URL link . it's so simple and you must do this 
  • Go to Google Playstore or This Link
  • Then select one of App what you want
  • Then you must save that App ID , you can see it on Address bar . it always like com.?????.??? like on picture below . Then save it on your Notepad or just Copy it and then you can paste .
    How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software

#Start Download your APP

Now we can go directly download that file into our PC , you can select one from 3 Method Below . All of them are easy and Works Well on me . You can try it one on one or just select One of them so check it out , follow my instructions :

#Website 1 - Evozi APK Downloader

Evozi is my best Website APK Downloader , because this website let us download APK easily without Any Device ID or another Requirements. you can try it first . the instructions is :
  • Go to Evozi APK Downloader Site 
  • Then you will site is simple page on this site , you will see Form ,on Input labelled "Package name or Google Play URL" just paste the APP ID on it 

    How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software
  • Now you can Click Generate Download Link and wait for a second 
  • Then if your APP are available , you will see another Green Button . It's mean you can download that file . So you can Click on it and start download your First APK 

    How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software
Note : You can download the APK file using Downloader Software like FDM , IDM or another software with copy the File URL(Green Button) And paste it on your Downloader Software . Some App can't downloaded because that Evozi can access or generate that link . you can only download Free Apps or Games using Evozi 

#Website 2 - APK-DL.COM

This another website that you can use for download APP what you want for free, using this site is very Easy just like Evozi . You can download many APK using this site and for download it is so easy .

  • Go to this site that is
  • Then you will see good Page and you can first know where you will put the APP ID , just paste it on input labelled "Package Name,Package ID or Google Play URL" then click Search

    How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software
  • If your file available , it will describe your download file like on picture below . then you can download that file by click on Green Button on left Side and start download your file .

    How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software
Note :  it same like Note on Evozi , just free APP and you can using Downloader software . But in this site we will get little ADS , like from Popcash and flying Video . it's little annoying for me . but this site is good .

#Website 3 -

Same like Evozi , this site is simple too and very easy to use . you can try this site

  • Go to
  • Then Paste your APP ID on Input labelled com.viber.voip then click on Generate download  Link
    How To Download Android Apps / Games to PC Without Software
  • Wait for a seconds then you can click Proceed to download Page , it on over Generate download Link before . then you will redirect to Download Page and it will start download automatically after 5s
Note : You must wait for 5s if you want download using this Site , No Limitation and no Pop Ads again in this site . You can copy the APK URL until you open your Download file ( Browser downloader) then copy that URL and paste it on your Downloader Software . it's still works 

Thera are ways for you to Download Android Apps or Games to Your PC , it's so simple and not require anything . Some Site are need that like Device ID , on that site you can free download all of App file without it . Just support them if you Happy with that features . So, Thanks for visited my Blog i hope this article Usefull :)

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  1. Nice, you make it simple, easy to practice. By the way is it legal to do it?

    1. it's legal ways cause you just only can download free App from google Playstore :D

  2. so easy! I think i'm gonna try it later. After i got a new android phone. :3