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How to add Password Protection on Pen Drive

Add Password Protection on Pen Drive , is one of best thing and always we bring to everywhere . why it's best thing for me , because i always use it for keep my file portable and can copy them to my friends easily . Just plug and copy what file we want from it . But sometime we want to keep safe our file in that thing , How we can protect it from stealer ? can we add some password in Pen Drive ? the answer is yes , you can . and How to add Password Protection on Your Pen Drive ? you will know with my article .

We will use amazing tools from windows Program , that is Bitlocker . Bitlocker allow you to give password to your drive and no one can access it without bypass the password . This feature can use in your Pen Drive too , just simple steps and easy to follow . This Tips can used in another Windows Version , like Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 even i've try it in Windows 10 and still work for me .

What you need to do this :

  • Pen Drive
    You can use your Pen Drive , whatever that size like 1GB , 2GB , 4GB , 8GB up to you but Make sure your Pen Drive is already Empty , Why i recommend it for empty ? Because you will get Long Time for wait if Your Pen Drive is not Empty . I've try it and i wait so long time and waste my works too . 
  • PC With Windows OS
    in this tutorial i using Windows 8 , but don't worry this tutorial can be used in another windows to , but make sure that windows version have BitLocker tools . without it we can't do this tutorial .
  • Full Battery or Always Plug
    this way to keep your Pen Drive well , because if sometime your Laptop Empty Battery when the system encrypt your Pen Drive , it will Broke your Pen Drive and you Can't use it again forever . 
Ok let's Start the Tips for How To Add Password Protection on Pen Drive 

First Step

Make sure your Pen Drive already Plug-in in your USB port and can be read in our Windows system , if your Drive can't be Read in your system , this tutorial can't be work well to you . Better buy a new one .

Step Two

After It , Open your windows Explorer and see your Pen Drive . i usually use simple shortcut from keyboard WIN+E for make us more faster than it . you can right click on your Pen Drive like my illustration below and click turn on Bitlocker

Step Three

After it will view new explorer which inside it there are Input form that is for password what we want to add on Pen Drive . you can type your own Password to it and keep password in your head . if you done you can click next button on bottom side .

Step Four

in this layout you will get option for save that password , i think microsoft is know that human can forget it password one day . just click save to file and select your directory where you want to save it .

Step Five

in this layout you can read notice from that window. i recommend you to select number one options . because it simple and fast for empty drive like i tell you before . just click next and start your encrypt . Make sure you don't Unplug your Pen Drive , Or Keep Battery for your Windows . We don't want your Pen Drive Broke and can't used it again later . just take watch youtube or listen a music to wait this session . and don't forget !!! DON'T DO ANYTHING TO YOUR PEN DRIVE :D

Step Six

Then after waiting a time , your drive is already Protected with your Password , if it success you can see your Drive is change color to Grey Color . if you want to try your password just eject your drive and plug in again and you can see your Pen Drive in Yellow color , for open that file just double Click on that then you will see Password form that you can fill it with your password and open it .

I hope you enjoy my Tips , this tips i used for keep my secret file safely and no one can see what i hide inside them . you can use this for something Important file and more again . thanks for visit my blog :D , if you little confused with my article , i so sorry about that , because i can make perfect english article . 

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  1. But this tutorial is only for they who is used Windows 7 above. They who still using XP cannot practice this tutorial! Any suggest?