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10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows  - Task manager is a system monitor program on windows , it let you to see what program are running on background , not only that you can also terminate them and End it if it only thread for you . You can check your system Performance that is about CPU Performance, Memory , Disk , Internet and more . You can also check startup Program (Windows 10) and disabled what you want , manage user and many more . It's important tools for us if our system stuck or have a problem with a software , you can stop it quickly . But you must know How you can Open Task Manager Quickly ?

I have tried this tips , and so quick for me . But you can have many options to Open Task Manager. In this Windows Trick i using Windows 10 but you can do this Tips in another Windows Version (Supported Only) . I'll show you Ways to Open Task Manager on Windows Quickly . you can do one of this step if another ways you can open it . 

#Method 1 : Using Run Program Taskmgr

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

On first Method , we can use combination in our Keyboard that is Run and type some text . It easy .... You can access the Run tools before using Windows Key + R or Type on windows search "Run" then you can type "taskmgr" and hit Enter

#Method 2 : Right Click on Taskbar 

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

This method i always do, because this trick is so fast , you just have 2 Click and you already done opened the Task bar , Just right Click on Empty side in Task bar then Choose Task Manager or simply Right Click > Task Manager

#Method 3 : Run from Search

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

You can access task manager from Windows search and make it fast too , you can use this way also just click on windows Logo and type Taskmgr then you can click on Task Manager and it will opened .

#Method 4 : Using CTRL+ SHIFT + ESC

It's another ways to open your Task Manager , this tips also works well on Windows 7 , Windows 8 and windows 10 . So quickly and you can do this ways . I really recommend this if you want faster on your keyboard . 

#Method 5 : Using CTRL+ALT+DEL

it's old way to open Task manager , but it still works well . you can use this keyboard combination ctrl+alt+del together and you can click on text Task Manager then it will opened . it still works on windows 7 and windows 8 . 

#Method 6 : Explorer All Apps 

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

You can open task manager too by explorer your app list , but it take little time to access it . but you can do this way to have more knowledge about it . you can go to All app list by Click on Start Button then all Apps then go to Windows System > Task Manager , Just click on it and it will opened . 

#Method 7 : Access on Windows Path 

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

It's long way too like method 6 , but you can try it too . It also work on every windows version like windows vista , windows 7 and over that version . you can access it by open windows explorer then go to C:\windows\system32\ then it name is Taskmgr.exe

#Method 8 : Access with Quick Access 

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

you can use this method to , you can open Quick access then choose Task Manager . you can press on your keyboard Windows Key + X or Right Click on Start Button  then click on Task Manager like the Picture . It's only works for windows 8 and windows 10 . Because on windows 7 , it doesn't have quick access .

#Method 9 :  Open from Control Panel 

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

it's another way that you can use for open Task Panel , but it also take little time and not recommend for you . You can open you Control Panel , then on search form you can type Task Manager , Then click on search result and Open It .

#Method 10 : Open From CMD 

10 Ways To Open Task Manager On Windows

it's strange ways to open Task Manager , but it still works . You can try it by type on your Command Prompt "taskmgr" and hit enter 

For another trick that you can use is by add Task Manager Shortcut to your Desktop or you can add it on your Task Bar , it will make you more faster to access Task manager . You can use that tips for make you faster or only improve your Knowledge , i hope this article is usefull . If you have another ways to open it . You can commend on below . Thanls for visited my Blog 

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  1. How about using CTRL+DEL then klik on Task Manager menu? Is it works in Windows 10?

    1. if we press it , it only open start menu :D