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Top 4 Game Screen Recording Software 2015

The need for a PC game in recent times is one requirement that there must have been among teenagers, even adults love to play a game. But among them there must be something you want to record or distribute the video games they play. Of course they need one software support for this is game recording software.

With this software you will be easier either just to make gameplay to youtube, even to broadcast your game live on the internet. You will also be given other comforts such as tools - tools for editing your video such as adding watermarks songs and of course other tools that are very useful to support the recording of your game.

With this software you will be easier to record the game you are playing, of course, without losing a bit of quality of game we play, below are 5 recording software game that has my previous review

Oke Let's Begin .


in the first place we give to the recording software game that is very remarkable that Action! , With this software you will be fully supported with Windows Aero you, even you can broadcast your video games directly through with this software. plus other interesting tools such as the tools to make a video for Android, Mp4, etc.

This software supports you to have a quality recording up to 4K resolution and the game is certainly not an outstanding quality. You will get a FPS without Drop derived from this software. In fact, this software supports you for using two webcams simultaneously. is perfect for those who wish to review the activities of the face and hands simultaneously.

Screen capture support for your game into a picture, Record other activities with ease, Voice and many others. This software has a price that is 49.95 USD, prices were in line with the features that are owned by the software of course. You will not feel the loss because this software is number 1 of the game recording software


D3DGear terms of the original website is a software game lightest recorder. With this software you may be possible to make the recording of your game without slowing down your game. This software has a reliable performance with very minimal impact that this software does not affect the game you are recording and of course without losing the quality of the video recorded

Recording using this software, you will get high video kulaitas with very small size. You can also record your face, Record your voice using a microphone. This software is very useful for those who want to record your game to face with your comment

Even with this software you can mennyiarkan your live video streaming services such as video game by paying only $ 34.95 you can already use this software forever its old features the latest update if there is an update of the website.


In third place we get a software called Playclaw. IN infokan of the website you will get an outstanding performance when using this software. Without reducing the performance of the games that you play, you will still get high video quality when using this software.

This software can also record your activity Audio, Recording your face so you can provide comments directly to the game that you play. By recording using this software is not only the quality you get but a small file size as well. of course it would like very desirable for a person who wants to upload to YouTube or other online video

This software has a free version as well, but of course there were once exhausted its useful life, then you should buy licensinya well. to pay about $ 39 USD you can already use this software.


at number four I provide the software titles that I think deserve to use that Bandicam. Software with a very small size is very nice when recording your video game. You will not feel a drastic decline in your game when recording with this software. This software also gives you a high quality when recording course with its small size.

You also can capture your screen such as watching tv online, online games, and still others. you can even set the video format that you record so that you no longer need to convert it to another format. This software can record your voice of course, can record the activity of your face and of course is you need.

This software given the price of $ 39 USD, of course, this price is in accordance with the performance you will get to your gaming quality. you have no doubt with this software, you can get it on the original site: D

Top 4 Game Screen Recording Software 2015 Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Lemau Game


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