Tuesday, September 29, 2015

List of Best 8 free NFO Viewer Software For Windows

have problem with NFO file , what is NFO file ? here list of software that can help you to open that file , List of Best 8 free NFO Viewer Software For Windows . all these software let you to open or VIew NFO Files easily . all of this software is free to use and you can download from your PC computer .These software give you various Feature like Wiew NFO file , Edit NFO file , change font size , Font color , Background color , Zom in / zoom out and many mmore again . so Check it out now .

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Compact NFO Viewer

Compact NFO Viewer , this software can help you to view NFO file even you can use this software to create your first NFO . this software can use as Another Text editor and make it more compatible with your job . you can open supported file for NFO,DIZ ,TXT etc. you can also edit Text Font , Font Color , Background Color , add URLs , and many more . this software is not require to install and this software available in Portable version .


NFOLux is another software that can help you to View and Creat NFO file easily . with supported features it will make us more easier to edit , view, create NFO file . like another NFO Viewer , this software cna also set to be Default program for open NFO file . It very simple and easy to use .


NOFPad is good free NFO Viewer software , it also have simple interface and make us Easy to understand this software ,it can make you easy to viewe and edit NFO or another Text file , and also you can save them to text supported format . you can use all of this software feature  find and replace , block , and many more .


Hekapad , is free Text editor and NFO Viewer for Windows PC , you can View and edit your NFO file Eaily . you can change them like change the Font color , Background Color , text size and many more . even you can convert NFO file into another Text format using Save As . you can easily to manage text with many support feature like search , Insert , replace and many more again .


Notepad++ Is Free Full Text editor that support many program language , in basic this software is use for HTML editor , but using this software you can also view your NFO file , even you can edit them become what you want . this software is have many features that will support you about ASCII art and scripting .


DAMN NFO Viewer is another software that can help you to View yur NFO File easily and dont require to install , Because this software available in portable that make you more easier if you want to run this file in your Removable Disk like Flash Drive and many more . it also let you to Edit NFO file , add some link to your Site , change font size, color , background color etc.


Dizzy is Free NFO Viewer Software , it let you to open NFO file and similar file like that . you can drag and drop your NFO file to its and it will be open automaticly and you can configure what you want to them , it also support for command line . you can use this software in portable version to .


Jane or called Just Another Naty Editor is free software for NFO Viewer . This software is 100% free and easy to use , all of you can easy to understand this software . you can view and edit your NFO file using this software , you can change various color of Fonts , background , size and many more . you can open multiply file in JANE . if you want add more hyperlinks , you can get it in this software .

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