Wednesday, September 30, 2015

List of Best 4 Free Stick Animation Maker Software for Windows

If you want to make an Animation , you can use this software but all of these software is only for Stick  Animations.  You Must know that is List of Best Free Stick Animations maker  Software for windows . all of these software let you to create Stick Animation easily and quickly . you can fast learn how to make them move , jump , hit , dead and many more again . and some of this software is so small and less than 1MB , you can get many features that can you more easier to design your Stick Figure animation . All of these software is free and you can download from your PC .


Tisfat is small Free Stick Animation Software , if you use this software you can create them easily , because this software has many features . even you can gen unique feature , that is let you to add multiple layers in one Frame . you can export your project to GIF file. this software is available in portable version and free to download .


Stykz is best for me , maybe it's Best free Stick Animation Software for windows , you can use this software For free and you'll get many feature Which all of that is will support you to make a Stick animation more faster , and more Easier than anither software . you can Colorize your pivot stickman , you can configure your stick movement frame by frame and you can Export your Project to animated GIF , PNG image array ,JPG image array and many more .

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Pivot is very small Stick Figure Software . you can use this software easily because you just add the stick figure and animate them frame to frame . other feature you can get it change figure color , edit shape , transparency and many more again . in this software you can also import your Images file from your computer for make your Animation more beautiful . you can Export your project to WMV video or GIF file . this  Pivot animator also available in a Portable Version and Standalone Installation .

Stickman Animation 

Stickman Animation , is a web based Software , this software also can make us easy to make Stick animation , many features can support you to make them more unique , this software let you create many stick with stick creation tools like dot , stick , circle , semi circle , it has ghost image feature that make you easy to change movement , or stick frame by frame . you can run this software in your Browser like , Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

List of Best 4 Free Stick Animation Maker Software for Windows Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Lemau Production


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