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LibreOffice Best Free Office Software Support All Platform

Libreoffice is one of the free office software that is extraordinary, the software is no less competitive with renowned software from Microsoft namely Microsoft Office, even if this software is the office software, this software has many features that support the work of your office and of course this software 100 %  free and also open-source, or can you develop if you want to process.

Libreoffice is sebuat office software package that is compatible with office software such as MS.Office. In fact, this software is suitable in use for either Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other platforms again. The purpose of this software is to produce software for office who support the ODF format without having to rely on the inclusion of Copyright and others.

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Libreoffice a development project of Openoffice since 2010. from the research I have done this software is perfect for those of you who do not have enough to buy the Ms.Office and want to use office software for free. Because this software will give you 6 software packages therein are, Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, and Math. This software has a function that is different to support the needs of your office.

You will get a nice feature of the software is that I have outlined:

  • Save and open document format ODF (Open Document File)
  • Exporting ODF document into a flat XML.
  • Import documents Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Publisher.
  • Open the document * .docx. Docx is the standard document format for Microsoft Office 2007 and the latest.
  • Save documents in PDF format.
  • Add comments and annotations on documents.
  • Applications Remote Control for Presentations.
  • Collaborate through CMIS Protocol. A new feature that enables users to collaborate with other users in working on a document online.
  • And many more.


You can understand from each of its software can be viewed below


A word processing software is very similar to Microsoft Office Word, Many support the format of your document and thus has the same function as well you can type, insert tables, color heading and many others. This software can also serve as a basic WYSIWYG editor.


A spreadsheet software is very similar to that software from Microsoft Excel, has many unique features that are not owned by other software, including a system that would automatically define some graphic elements according dnegan information or the willingness of users. You can enter a script count the number quickly, making other calculations document and many others.


A presentation application similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Presentations can be exported as a SWF file, allowing it to be viewed on a computer with Adobe Flash terinstal.LibreOffice Impress also enables 3D transition effects (OpenGL) and the use of 3D models.


Relational database applications, similar to Microsoft Access. LibreOffice Base allows the creation and management of databases, preparation of forms and reports that provide users easy access to data. Such access, many variations can be used as database systems, including Access databases (JET), ODBC data source, and MySQL or PostgreSQL.


Vector graphics editor program and device makers charts similar to Microsoft Visio and comparable in features to early versions of CorelDRAW. Libreoffice Draw provides connectors between forms / shapes available in a variety of line styles and facilitate building a picture such as flowcharts. LibreOffice Draw also has features similar to desktop publishing software such as Scribus and Microsoft Publisher.


Program designed for creating and editing mathematical formulas. The program uses a variant of XML to create a formula that has been defined in the OpenDocument specification. This formula can also be embedded into other documents in LibreOffice suite (such as those created by Writer or Calc) by way of pinning the formula into the document.


At the time of making this article Libreoffice already present in the version Libreoffice 5 is with many of the features of the latest features that will make you feel comfortable and incontestably with renowned software such as Microsoft Office, you no longer need to bargaining a lot of money to get software this office, because software This office is 100% free for you to use, you share, you give without fear to pay anything.

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