Thursday, September 24, 2015

Best 6 Free Important Software for 2D Game Developer

How about make 2D game , yes you can if u already have game engine software to make it ? but all of you must know what is best 6 important software for support your 2d Game Project ? what you know before , you must know this software , this software will help you to decrease your time works . this software feature such as  , Fastest Extract your Sprite , Create Fast Animation , Create fast Sound For Game and Many more again  .
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Shoebox Sprite Extractor

This software is so amazing for me , this software has many features which can help you fast to edit your sprite , you can fast to Extract your Spritesheet , combine yourSpriteSheet , even you can create Animations using this free tools . This tools has many another features , you can check it alone. This software require some another Aplications that is Adobe Air you can download it before you cdownload this software .

BFXR Sound Creator

Yes this software is so amazing , you can create fast your sound effect using this software . this is great software for make 8-Bit sound for your game . i still use this software because this software is so unique and we do not to pay anymore to use this software , this software is 100% free to use and already supported in all windows version .

Spriter Animations Tools

Spriter 2D Animation Software For Games, Spriter, incredible software very much in use by a game designer like you. This software is a Free 2D animation software. This software is very good, perfect and a lot of functions that allow you to make your game character animation. You will easily create animations because this software can give you the tools to it, with a separate drawings before you can compose at will move from your animation, good for walking, crouching, jumping, running and many more. 

Caesium Image Compressor 

This software is free and Open-Source , you can fast use this software to compress your image to small size . this is great software for resize your image 2D game . Fast and Easy to use without Any annoying ADS

Tiled Tilemap Editor 

With this software called Tiled , you will easy to make a Level of your 2D game , this software is so easy to use and so easy to understand . this software support many 2D game Engine . Tiled is 100% Free to use and no annoying Ads :D


This software is usefull for you , you can use this software to view all of your photos and make them a reference to your Main Character imaginations, i thinks this software is awesome with batch feature and double view feature , this software is best support for image view of our project 

Maybe it's many again software you can use to support your 2D Game Project , maybe that's all i can do for you , hope usefull 

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