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Best 3 Free Screen Recording For Windows 2015

Best 3 Free Screen Recording For Windows 2015 ICECream Screen Capture , Camstudio , Jing

For someone who likes to make a tutorial or happy to show what things he did on the desktop screen, of course he needs software that can help him to record everything what he did at that time. If we want to record our work activity on your screen will certainly be difficult without auxiliary software. Because this feature is not available in the default windows. To record it you need a helper software is screen recorder software. With this software you will be easier to record your activities and also supported by the interesting features on offer a variety of tools in the tool below.

If you want to record the activities of your game or games you are playing on your laptop you can read the article below Or Read Other of my article :

With software - This software, you will be easier to make a video about your windows. Because of what ? because the software below you can add audio, add your own watermark, recording the activity of the face and of course software - software below 100% free and you already have features that are very maximum for it. Not inferior to the paid-screen recorder software, free software also has many advantages that deserve to use.


Best 3 Free Screen Recording For Windows 2015 ICECream Screen Capture

In the first place, namely software called ICECREAM SCREEN RECORDER, yes this software deserves first place because this software has many features that are remarkable and very useful for those who want to record your activities on your desktop. Of course, this software certainly provide interesting features to attract someone to use it, among those features is as support to the latest Windows Windows 10, and many others

Area Selection, with this feature you will be much easier to record any part you want to record, and of course you can set yourself which areas of your record, Very interesting is not it? ,
Drawing Panel, you can add your own picture, you can add lines, Hints, text that you want on your screen. You can also add webcams, Watermark and can adjust the quality of video you want to save the course. And many other features that can be found


Best 3 Free Screen Recording For Windows 2015 Camstudio

in the second we put the software called CamStudio, yes maybe among you many who hear his name from one of this software, this software works together with other software that is Camtasia Studio. With this software you will easily be able to record your screen activity, by means of the tools provided and the effects of interesting effects that given course will make you happy using this software

However, this software can only save your video in two qualities alone are AVI and FLV indeed regrettable, but of course you can change to other software that can change the format of the video.

This software is 100% free and can be directly downloaded on his website, and of course not only free, this software is not inferior to other software, you can record the face, adding photos and many others that you can use


Best 3 Free Screen Recording For Windows 2015 TechSmith Jing

in the third we get the software screen recorder other free is software called JING, the software that came from large companies TechSmith has many features that are very good and useful to you, even when they have the name of the company, the software is still free loh and you do not have to pay anything to use reliable sotfware this one

Capture what you see, you can capture an image of what you see in your screen with sotfware and certainly very easy, you can set the area where you want to capture and also you can add text, panal, whatever you want

with this software you can also record any activity you do on your screen, this software to record any activities you do, such as moving the mouse, create animations, and many more.

There are many tools like this , but i suggest you to use this software , and it's 100% Free and you can use it to earn money or other , you don't need anymore to capture what you see in your desktop screen , thanks for visit my blog and stay for other article 

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